Ampere Charging Time

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Charging Time estimate most accurate battery charge time ook indicates charging current in mAh (milliampere) and Battery Capacity in mAh (milliampere) and volt-which let you determining the quality of your Chargers (USB / AC / Wireless) cable or fast charger you are using , ook notify you about the rAM usage by live-which you can force stop apps Those making your device slow or darning high energy battery.


Amp charge time app INFORMS you in regards to how long time it will take to charge your battery if your Battery charge time is lower mean you have good charger or fast charger if Battery charge time is high mean you have not good charger or not fast charger

Enjoy Free Notification

Amp charging time lets you charge your every device with ease and comfort. This battery charger usefull app shows the temperature of your battery to keep yourself safe in case of any unfortunate incident. In the statistics bar you can ook see the health of your battery if it is good or time to replace with new battery. The charging bar-which indicates type of charger you are using Whether it is cable or USB charger. This is a very useful and must have app-which estimate the charging current or charge energy in mA (milliamps) or your battery in use.

Additional Pro features includes: -

✓ Displays battery information in percent (%)

✓ Full support for all known screen resolutions

✓ Power source indicator

✓ It is helpful and can serve as a battery saver.

✓ battery charging time is incredibly lightweight!

✓ Additional battery information:

     - Wireless charging measurement.

     - How much battery left.

     - How long will battery charge.

     - Faster charger.

     - Charging Current flow in mA (milliampere) ..

     - Plug Type.

     - Battery Volt.

     - Version of android system.

     - Auto Refresh or values ​​constantly.

     - Battery health.

     - Battery Technology.

    - Temperature.

    - Mobile Model

    - Battery Capacity in mA (milliamps). .

This Charging Time depends on many things:

★ USB cable

★ Phone type

★ Current tasks running

★ Charger (USB / AC / Wireless)

★ Display brightness

★ Bluetooth state

★ Wi-Fi state

★ GPS state

★ Sync state

Devices compatible with Amp Charging Time: -

- Works great at LG devices

- Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5, Galaxy S6, S7 Galaxy, Galaxy S8, S9 galaxy

- Most Galaxy Note 4 and Note 3 models

- International Samsung Galaxy SIII (GT-I9300 & FT-I9305)

- South Korean Samsung Galaxy SIII (SHV-E210K / L / S)

- Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Nexus 6P

- Moto G, XZ Sony, LG V20, Oppo F1s

- HTC M9 Pixel

We will work Constantly to Improve Battery Charging Time, adding in the very near future new features, like useful battery information, battery saver tips, new widgets, and many more.

Important Note

Amp charging time can be used on wide range of mobile devices-which runs Android 4.0.3 or later Whether some devices does not have appropriateness measurement chip installed by the manufacturer.

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